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Keep mina fast

One thing I've loved about mina is the speed of deployments. One way mina achieves fast deploys is by avoiding unnecessary tasks.

I recently started using webpack with rails and soon found I needed that same performance boost. Because I was using mina/rails I had a nice little macro already available for me 😁

Example of #check_for_changes_script

desc "Install npm dependencies"
task :install do
  queue check_for_changes_script \
    check: 'package.json',
    at: ['package.json'],
    skip: %[echo "-----> Skipping npm installation"],
    changed: %[
      echo "-----> #{message}"
      #{echo_cmd %[NODE_ENV=#{ENV['to']} npm install]}
    default: %[
      echo "-----> Installing npm modules"
      #{echo_cmd %[NODE_ENV=#{ENV['to']} npm install]}
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