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glamorous composition for inline styling

glamorous is a library to help style components from the component itself rather than from a css stylesheet. You create a component with style in the form of a javascript object.

require glam import 'glamorours';

const InfoSpan = glam.span({
  backgroundColor: 'none',
  width: '20%',
  margin: '0 1rem',
  padding: '0 1rem',
  display: 'inline-block',
  boxSizing: 'borderBox'

Later when rendering, you can use this as if it were a component.

render() {
  return (
        Some Important Information

You can also compose additional glamorous components by re-using previously declared glamorous components.

const LeftSpan = glamorous(InfoSpan, {
  textAlign: 'right'

const RedArticle = glamorous(Article, {
  textAlign: 'left'
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