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Use Active Window With BufExplorer

I often use BufExplorer within long-running Vim sessions as a way of quickly jumping between the various buffers in my buffer list. After working with one buffer, I use <leader>bs to open BufExplorer, move my cursor to the next buffer of interest, and hit enter to open it in place of the current buffer. This is the default behavior at least.

With this setting toggled on, BufExplorer will open buffers in the active window. The active window is the window that was active before BufExplorer was opened. If this setting is toggled off, BufExplorer doesn't bother finding the active window, it just opens the buffer up in place of itself in whatever split window was created for itself.

This setting can be toggled within the BufExplorer window by hitting f. It will toggle between Locate Buffer and Don't Locate Buffer. I prefer the default of Locate Buffer.

h/t Vidal Ekechukwu

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