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Use bash's Bang command to improve productivity

Bash has neat way to repeat last ran command. In your shell type !! this will put the last ran command in your prompt and allow you to edit and execute it. Use it to add sudo to any command:

$ apt-get install somepackage
Insufficient permissions
$ sudo !!
$ sudo apt-get install somepackage

If you want to go back to a specific command other than the last you have a few options:

You can execute a history command by its ID (to see all IDs run history, to clean history history -c)

$ history
1234 some really long command
1236 third command
$ !1234
$ some really long command
$!-2 # run two commands ago (not including bang commands)
$ history

You can run the last command containing a specific string:

$ foo bar
$ bar foo bazz
$ !foo # last command starting with foo
$ foo bar
$ !?bazz # last command containing the word bazz
$ bar foo bazz

Reuse last/first argument:

$ ls -la /development/reallylongnameidontwanttoretype
$ cd !$
$ cd -la /development/reallylongnameidontwanttoretype
$ $^ app
$ cd app
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