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Casting Created At

Four posts have been created for ’Today I Learned’ since yesterday. This code looks like it would return that count, but it doesn’t.

Post.where('created_at between ? and ?', Date.yesterday,              
   (0.8ms)  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "posts" WHERE (created_at between '2015-06-09' and '2015-06-10’)
=> 2

It returns 2; the two posts from yesterday but not the posts from today.

This is because is a Ruby Date object, which represents midnight on the given date, while created_at is a Rails ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone object, which includes time and zone details. Using as a comparator actually excludes any posts created after midnight today.

One solution is to cast created_at to a date:

Post.where('cast(created_at as date) between ? and ?', Date.yesterday,
   (1.1ms)  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "posts" WHERE (cast(created_at as date) between '2015-06-09' and '2015-06-10')
=> 4

In the scope of this query, created_at loses its time information, so a post created today will return true when compared to This is the Rails equivalent:

Post.last.created_at.to_date ==
=> true

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