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Show Disk Usage For The Current Directory

The du utility can be used to show disk usage for a particular directory or set of directories. When used without any arguments, it will show the disk usage for the current directory.

$ du
80      ./.git/hooks
8       ./.git/info
256     ./.git/logs/refs/heads

with the -h command we can see it all in a human-readable format

$ du -h
 40K    ./.git/hooks
4.0K    ./.git/info
128K    ./.git/logs/refs/heads

and to get an even clearer picture we can pipe that through sort -nr

$ du -h | sort -nr
412K    ./vim
352K    ./postgres
340K    ./.git/logs
216K    ./.git/logs/refs
184K    ./ruby
156K    ./unix
148K    ./git

This sorts it numerically in reverse order putting the largest stuff at the top.

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