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Moving To A Specific Line

Often times when I open a new buffer, it is with the intention of moving to a particular line. For example, if I am trying to move to line 55 in the file, then I will hit 55j*. This works fine when I am dealing with a freshly opened buffer. That is, this works fine if I am starting from the top of the buffer.

In general, there is a better approach. I can move to an exact line number from normal mode with :{N} where {N} is the line number. So, if I want to get to line 55 regardless of where I am currently positioned in the buffer, I can simply hit :55<cr>.

* This actually is slightly inaccurate, it moves me to line 56, not 55. If I need to be precise, this doesn't cut it.

** Also, 55G apparently does the same thing.

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