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Easily connect to postgres via proxy with service

A client has their RDS postgresql databases locked down to only allow connection from their EC2 instances. I found an easy way to connect with my local clients.

Add a local forward to ssh config

In ~/.ssh/config add something like

Host prod.client
  User ubuntu
  LocalForward localhost:5433
  IdentityFile ~/production-ec2-key.pem

Add the credentials to pg service

In ~/.pg_service.conf save the user, database name, and password


Now you can start your ssh tunnel in 1 terminal:

ssh prod.client

And connect with any postgres client tool (pg_dump, psql, etc.) in another:

psql service=client-prod


Well you just saved a production password to a plain text file, and now you can easily connect and muck things up in production. Make sure your machine is secure and be careful and stuff.

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