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Create a Date object for a specific day

Say you have some date-specific functionality, and you want to test for a specific day of the week.

Date#commercial is what you're looking for! It will create a Date object for you based on the year,week, and day that you give it.

require 'date'

# Wednesday (3) of week 1 of year 2023
Date.commercial(2023, 1, 3)

In Rails we can take this a step further, for example, to get Friday of this week:

Date.commercial(Date.current.year, Date.current.cweek, 5)

In your testing you can simply make use of the Rails TimeHelpers to travel to that specific date you need:

next_friday = Date.commercial(Date.current.year, Date.current.cweek + 1, 5)

travel_to next_friday do
  # Friday specific code
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