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Generating subclasses with Sass Maps

Say you have a set of colors that correspond to class names:

$category-colors: (
  "bananas": "yellow",
  "oranges": "orange",
  "blue-milk": "cyan",
  "cabbage": "lime",
  "sour-warheads": "magenta"

And sometimes those class names recolor a background, but sometimes they might override something else, like a border or text color. Try this mixin on for size:

@mixin category-colors($attr:color)
  @each $class, $color in $category-colors
      #{$attr}: #{$color}

So this call will output subclasses of .widget.bananas, etc., each with the appropriate text color ...

  @include category-colors

And this one will output subclasses with the appropriate background color (or whatever other attribute you'd like).

  @include category-colors(background-color)
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