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Transform values when using SweetXML xmap

Assume I have the following XML

xml = """

I can write a small module to map this to something really cool.

defmodule XmlMapper do
  import SweetXml
  @schema [
      names: [ ~x[//response/users/user]l,
        name: ~x[concat(./firstName, " ", ./lastName)]s |> transform_by(&String.upcase/1)

  def map(xml_string) do
    SweetXml.xmap(xml_string, @schema)

.map will find a list of user elements, concatenate the firstName and lastName, then upcase the whole thing and return it in a map.

%{names: [%{name: "MICAH COOPER"}, %{name: "JOE HASHROCKET"}]}

That's doing a lot with a little.

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