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How busy are your cores?

Linux talks about core utilization in terms of "Load Average". This is, the average load over 1 minute or over 5 minutes or over 15 minutes.

For a 1 core machine a Load Average of 1.00 is 100%. For an 8 core machine 8.00 is 100%. On my 4 core mac I can check my Load Average with uptime

chriserin@:~% uptime
20:48  up 17 days,  1:42, 7 users, load averages: 1.23 1.53 1.59

Over the last 1 minute, 1.23. Over the last 5 minutes, 1.53. Over the last 15 minutes, 1.59.

My CPU is doing great! You can also see the same numbers in htop. Source

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