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Script for bootstrapping a new project #bash #git

Creating a new project and publishing it usually involves many repeatitive steps. As developers we like to automate the tedious repetitive tasks to allow our creative juices to flow freely.

I wrote the following script for boostrapping a new project. Feel free to modify and add to your zshrc or bashrc:

function initprj() {
  # create the directory and cd into it unless the user uses '.'
  # to indicate current directory
  if [[ "$1" != "." ]]; then
    mkdir $1
    cd $1

  # setup git
  git init

  # setup remote repo on github and add it to git remote
  hub create

  # setup base files (add your own if you'd like)
  touch .gitignore

  # You must use tabs if you want to indent heredocs that use the <<- syntax
  cat <<-EOF > LICENSE
		Copyright (c) $(date +"%Y") Dorian Karter

		Permission is hereby granted, ...

To run the script simply type initprj my-project and watch the magic happen.

Note: you must have hub installed to create the remote repo.

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