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Geocode an Address in PostgreSQL with PostGIS

I recently learned that you can use PostGIS alongside the Tiger Geocoder extension to geocode an address in Postgres. This is especially handy if you have a specific locale (US or state level) that you need to Geocode. In my case, I need lat/long coordinates for addresses in Florida and Illinois.

Another reason I like this is because it is free - no need to pay for an additional service.

Here's what the API looks like:

  ST_X(result.geomout) as longitude,
  ST_Y(result.geomout) as latitude
from geocode('320 1st St N, Jacksonville Beach FL', 1) as result;

 rating |     longitude      |      latitude
      1 | -81.39021163774713 | 30.291481272126084
(1 row)

h/t Mary Lee

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