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Truncate Tables With Dependents

In Truncate All Rows, I talked about how postgres's truncate can be used to quickly delete all rows in a table. In practice this alone won't be very useful though, because tables usually have other tables that depend on them via foreign keys. If you have tables A and B where B has a foreign key referencing A, then trying to truncate A will result in something like this:

> truncate A;
ERROR:  cannot truncate a table referenced in a foreign key constraint

Fortunately, truncate has some tricks up its sleeve.

If you know two tables are tied together via a foreign key constraint, you can just truncate both of them at once:

> truncate A, B;

If many tables are tied together in this way and you are looking to throw all of it out, then a simpler approach is to cascade the truncation:

> truncate A cascade;
NOTICE:  truncate cascades to table "B"

Use these with care and potentially within transactions because your data will go bye bye.

h/t Dillon Hafer and Jack Christensen

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