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Inactive And Active Component Styles With Radium

Radium is "toolchain for React component styling" allowing you to do comprehensive inline styling with CSS.

Often times, especially in the case of a series of nav elements, there is a need to style one element as active while styling the rest as inactive. This can be achieved with Radium by defining two groups of styles (base and active) and then relying on props to conditionally apply the active style.

import React from 'react';
import Radium from 'radium';

const styles = {
  base: {
    textDecoration: "none",
    color: "gray",
  active: {
    color: "black",
    backgroundColor: "lightgray",

let NavItem = ({ label, path, active }) => {
  return (
        styles[active && 'active'],

NavItem = Radium(NavItem);

With Radium, our base (inactive) styles always get applied. Then, the active styles only get applied when the active prop is true. We produce a Radium-ified version of our NavItem on the last line so that Radium can handle all of the styling of the component.

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