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Find where anything is defined in Vim config

When your vim bundle and vimrc become a plugin soup you often need to debug where an autocmd, command, map or function are coming from.

The :verbose command can come in handy in this scenario. Here are some examples:

See where a mapping was set from:

:verbose map gY

See what happens when you enter a buffer:

:verbose autocmd BufEnter

See which file defined a command:

:verbose command Explore

Where is the abbreviation coming from:

:verbose abbrev bpry


Example output:

    Name        Args       Address   Complete  Definition
!   Explore     *    0c              dir           call netrw#Explore(<count>,0,0+<bang>0,<q-args>)
        Last set from /usr/local/Cellar/vim/7.4.1190/share/vim/vim74/plugin/netrwPlugin.vim

Happy hunting! 🔫

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