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Homebrew Info, Doctor, and Search

I learned a couple of Homebrew commands today. The first is brew info, which tells you about your Homebrew installation. Pass it a package name, and Homebrew will tell you about that package.

The next is brew doctor. This will give you an overview of your Homebrew environment, including unexpected files and symlinks, and whether there is a newer version of Homebrew available than the one you have.

The third is brew search. Pass this a package name and Homebrew will tell you all the versions that are available.

$ brew search phantomjs
homebrew/versions/phantomjs17	   homebrew/versions/phantomjs192
homebrew/versions/phantomjs182	   homebrew/versions/phantomjs198

You can then brew install homebrew/versions/phantomjs182 to get the version you need.

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