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Create Listing Of All Middleman Pages

Middleman is a handy tool for quickly throwing together a bunch of static pages with layout and templating help at the ready. Once you have a handful of pages up and running, you’ll probably want a way to quickly navigate to them. You can add a quick listing of all the pages with a couple helpers provided by Middleman.

    <% sitemap.resources.each do |resource| %>
  • <%= link_to(resource.path, resource.path) %>
  • <% end %>

The sitemap.resources variable will contain a list of all the resources that get processed and served by the Middleman app. The link_to helper makes it easy to turn those into links.

Because resources includes images and other assets, you may want to filter down to just html files which could look something like the following:

    <% sitemap.resources .select { |resource| resource.path =~ /html$/ } .each do |resource| %>
  • <%= link_to(resource.path, resource.path) %>
  • <% end %>

Just add the snippet to whatever page you’d like the page listing to appear on.

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