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How to donate to charity for free!

If you are like me, you make all of your big purchases on Amazon. You also would like to donate to charity but are not sure what charity to choose or how to be sure it's a legitimate organization.

Choose a charity

You first need to sign up for Amazon Smile choose the charity you would like to support.

Choose a charity

Amazon will now donate 0.5% of the purchase price for every item to the charity you selected! That may not sound like much but that is $1.50 for every $300 you spend, and you have to do LITERALLY nothing. Well... almost nothing. You still have to remember to shop through, and honestly I never remember. So today I figured out a way to make it truly effortless.

Install Switcheroo

Amazon has a Chrome extension that's supposed to give credit automatically but it also shows ads and I'm sure it tracks every page you visit. There is an open source too called Switcheroo that lets you establish custom redirects for any URL. Install Switcheroo

Configure Redirects

Configure Switcheroo

Now you will be redirected automatically and your charity will benefit from your last minute holiday spending!

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