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Get Chrome history from remote machine

Let's say you need to get the url you visited Friday at the office, but its Sunday and you're at home! First, ssh into the remote machine where you were browsing the internet. Second, locate the history file, on OSX its at:

~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/History

Third, try to open the file with a text editor. DOH! Its a sqlite file! Fortunately you have sqlite on your machine so you can use sqlite3 History at the command line. Fourth, type .table to see what tables are available. Oh that doesn't work, you get an error that says Error: database is locked. This is easy to overcome though, just make a copy of the history file.

cp History History.1
sqlite3 History.1
> .tables
downloads             meta                  urls
downloads_url_chains  segment_usage         visit_source
keyword_search_terms  segments              visits

Now you have access to the database. The url you want is definitely in the urls table, you just have to use your sql skills to find it!

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