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Fix Tmux 2.1 mode-mouse error

If your tmux started displaying the following error message:

/Users/username/.tmux.conf:136: unknown option: mode-mouse
/Users/username/.tmux.conf:137: unknown option: mouse-select-pane
/Users/username/.tmux.conf:138: unknown option: mouse-resize-pane
/Users/username/.tmux.conf:139: unknown option: mouse-select-window

when you launch it, it is because the tmux 2.1 has a new syntax for turning mouse-mode on. All of the above are now combined into:

set -g mouse on

You'll also notice that after replacing the mouse mode setting with the new one in your config you still cannot scroll up/down with your mouse wheel. To fix that use the following configuration:

bind -n WheelUpPane   select-pane -t= \; copy-mode -e \; send-keys -M
bind -n WheelDownPane select-pane -t= \;                 send-keys -M
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