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Override Create React App conf w/react-app-rewired

A common problem when using Create React App is changing the configured behaviour of webpack. Generally, if you want to change the webpack configuration provided by Create React App you need to eject, but eject at the very minimum adds a lot of files to your project that you may not want.

An alternative is to use react-app-rewired in combination with customize-cra.

react-app-rewired provides a file, config-overrides.js placed in your project root directory where you can override existing behaviour.

customize-cra provides a set of handy utility functions to help you override specific configurations.

For example, when using the ant design library, you can import both the component and the css for that component with one import line if you use babel-loader.

Here is an example of a config-overrides.js file that would provide that behaviour.

const { override, fixBabelImports } = require('customize-cra');

module.exports = override(
  fixBabelImports('import', {
    libraryName: 'antd',
    libraryDirectory: 'es',
    style: 'css',
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