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Upgrade Heroku PostgreSQL

We just did a PostgreSQL bump in Heroku from 13.8 => 14.5 (the latest Heroku supports at this day). The process was very smooth and kind of quick for a 1GB database. Here's the script we end up running:

# Change the following `basic` to the right plan for you
heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:basic -r heroku-staging
heroku pg:wait -r heroku-staging
heroku pg:info -r heroku-staging
# Now grab the NEW and OLD URLS to change the following commands:

heroku maintenance:on -r heroku-staging
# It took less than 2 mins for a 1GB database
heroku pg:copy DATABASE_URL CHANGE_HERE_NEWCOLOR_URL -r heroku-staging
# It's usually fast, it depends on how long the app takes to reboot
heroku pg:promote CHANGE_HERE_NEWCOLOR_URL -r heroku-staging
heroku maintenance:off -r heroku-staging

heroku addons:destroy CHANGE_HERE_OLDCOLOR_URL -r heroku-staging
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