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Handling exceptions with rescue_from

ActiveSupport has a handy tool for handling exceptions globally in your Rails app. You can use it to catch specific exceptions and provide a centralized way to manage errors across your application, making your code cleaner and more maintainable.

Here is the example from the docs, showcasing how to catch specific exceptions and what method to run when they are caught.
Note: You can also pass it a block as the handler instead.

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  rescue_from User::NotAuthorized, with: :deny_access
  rescue_from ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid, with: :show_record_errors

  rescue_from "MyApp::BaseError" do |exception|
    redirect_to root_url, alert: exception.message

    def deny_access
      head :forbidden

    def show_record_errors(exception)
      redirect_back_or_to root_url, alert: exception.record.errors.full_messages.to_sentence
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