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Be specific in styled components with `&`

input[type="number"] has styles applied at a global level. I want to override some of those styles

a more specific selector takes precedence over a less specific one

So if I just define some css that is:

.myCoolInput {
  background-color: green;

It won't override the more specific input[type="number"] selector's background-color: pink.

So this styled component I have is wrong.

const GreenInput = styled.input`
	background-color: green;

render (
  <GreenInput type=["number"]/>

I need to use the & and move the className attribute to get more specificity for my style.

const GreenInput = styled(NumberInput)`
  input& {
	  background-color: green;

This outputs:

input.<GreenInputClassId> {
  background-color: green;

This selector has the same specificity as input[type="number"] but is declared later, so takes precedence.

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