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List Installed Fonts via the Command Line

Today I learned there's a command line utility called fc-list. It lists the fonts installed on your system.

Running fc-list will print out a lot of information - font families, the different styles available, where they're installed.

I find it's much more useful to run fc-list : family, which will print out all the font family names installed:

$ fc-list : family

Fira Code,Fira Code SemiBold
0xProto Nerd Font
Iosevka Term,Iosevka Term Extrabold
.SF NS Mono

This is a lot easier to read and grep through!

My main use case for this is if I want to use a font in my alacritty config, but don't know the font's exact name. For example, if I want to use Apple's new(-ish) SF Mono font, the font family is not SF Mono as you might expect - its clearly .SF NS Mono 🤷.

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