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Share SCSS Variables with Javascript

When working with React and Sass, sometimes you want to be able to share variables defined in the stylesheets with your React javascript code. This is actually pretty simple with Webpack.

First make sure webpack is set up to import scss:

// webpack.config.js
module.exports = {
  module: {
    rules: [{
      test: /\.scss$/,
      use: [{
        loader: "style-loader" // creates style nodes from JS strings
      }, {
        loader: "css-loader" // translates CSS into CommonJS
      }, {
        loader: "sass-loader" // compiles Sass to CSS

Then define your variables export file:

// variables.scss
$white-color: #fcf5ed;
$dark-color: #402f2b;
$light-color: #e6d5c3;
$medium-color: #977978;
$alert-color: #cb492a;
$light-black-color: #706e72;
$black-color: #414042;

// the :export directive is the magic sauce for webpack
:export {
  whitecolor: $white-color;
  darkcolor: $dark-color;
  lightcolor: $light-color;
  mediumcolor: $medium-color;
  alertcolor: $alert-color;
  lightblackcolor: $light-black-color;
  blackcolor: $black-color;

Now you're ready to import your variables to use with your React components:

import variables from 'variables.scss';

const CSS = {
  backgroundColor: variables.blackcolor

export default ({}) => {
  return <div style={CSS}>Content</div>
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