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Expanded routing info in Rails

When using rails and wanting to know how one of your routes plays out, it's very easy to do a quick cli call to rails routes. This gives an overview of all routes in the app.

> rails routes
Prefix             Verb  URI Pattern             Controller#Action
rails_health_check GET   /up(.:format)           rails/health#show
restaurants        GET   /restaurants(.:format)  restaurants#index {:format=>:json}                      

However if we provide the --expanded flag, we get a more verbose output with also tells you exactly where in the routes file it was declared.

> rails routes --expanded
--[ Route 1 ]--------------------------------------------------------------------
Prefix            | rails_health_check
Verb              | GET
URI               | /up(.:format)
Controller#Action | rails/health#show
Source Location   | config/routes.rb:6
--[ Route 2 ]--------------------------------------------------------------------
Prefix            | restaurants
Verb              | GET
URI               | /restaurants(.:format)
Controller#Action | restaurants#index {:format=>:json}
Source Location   | config/routes.rb:11

This could be exceptionally helpful when breaking up large routing files in Rails

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