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Change ActionCable's URL on the Client

ActionCable provides a handy escape hatch for changing the url path of the cable in your frontend. In my case, I wanted to specify a token on the cable url so that I could preserve some in place functionality while also being able to use the Turbo::StreamsChannel.

I did some source diving in turbo-rails and found that turbo calls out to createConsumer which comes from @rails/actioncable.

And that's where I found this (part of which is pasted below with a subtle change for readers) -

export function createConsumer(url = getConfig("url") || "/cable") {
  return new Consumer(url)

export function getConfig(name) {
  const element = document.head.querySelector(`meta[name='action-cable-${name}']`)
  if (element) {
    return element.getAttribute("content")

You can place a meta tag for the cable url in your views; this will be picked up by Action Cable and Turbo -

<meta name="action-cable-url" content="/cable?foo=bar">
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