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Set the relative path of assets in a CRA app

When I build my CRA app I get a path for my assets (css, images) that begins with /static. If I deploy my app to, then the app will try to access those asset paths at That's not where the asset lives. The asset lives at

Create React App allows you to change the prefix for a the built assets with the homepage attribute in your package.json file.

You could set it to myapp:

"homepage": "/myapp"

And then the asset will have the path of /myapp/static/asset.css, but what if you want to change paths?

"homepage": "."

Setting homepage to . will make the asset always relative to index.html, allowing you to not be concerned with the path the application is deployed to.

This actually repurposes a property of the package json file that npm uses to set the homepage of an npm package, so you may find this property used in a different way in other package.json files.

See the npm docs here.

See the Create React App docs here

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