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Easily skip tests in Jest

Using skip in Jest tests is a valuable technique for temporarily disabling specific tests without completely removing them from your test suite. This is particularly useful during development when you focus on one particular feature or bug and want to avoid running unrelated tests to save time. In Jest, you can use skip by prefixing it to your test or describe blocks.

For instance, test.skip(...) or describe.skip(...) will skip the execution of the specified test or group of tests. This approach is much more maintainable than commenting out tests, as it keeps the test code intact and easily readable.

Moreover, skipped tests are reported in Jest's output, reminding you that there are tests that need attention. This feature is convenient when working in a team environment, as it allows developers to be aware of tests that are not currently active but are still part of the overall test plan. It also helps ensure that all tests are eventually re-enabled and the test coverage remains comprehensive.

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