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Compare NaiveDateTimes by a specific unit

In Elixir, you can get the difference between two NaiveDateTimes using the NaiveDateTime.diff/3 function.

The third arg allows you to pass a unit such as :microsecond, :millisecond, or any unit returned from System.time_unit. By default, the unit is set to :second.

NaiveDateTime.diff(~N[2014-10-02 00:29:18], ~N[2014-10-02 00:29:10])
#=> 8
NaiveDateTime.diff(~N[2014-10-04 00:29:18], ~N[2014-10-02 00:29:10], :day)
#=> 2

Interestingly enough :day works as a unit, but not :month, or :year. 🤔

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