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Autofill last argument from previous commands

Have you ever found yourself typing out long commands in the terminal, only to need a part of that command in a subsequent command? You can save time by reusing the last argument of the previous command using the ESC key followed by a period .

Here's an example:

First, you use cat to display the contents of the file example.txt:

cat path/to/your/files/example.txt

Now, if you want to perform an operation on the same file, you don't need to type out the entire path again. Instead, use the ESC key followed by the period .

vim ESC. 

# After pressing ESC. this becomes: 
vim path/to/your/files/example.txt

In this example, ESC. automatically inserts the last argument from the previous command, which is the file path path/to/your/files/example.txt.

Note: You can use ESC . repeatedly to cycle through previous arguments in your command history.

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